Sportsman of the Year

2018 Sportsman of the Year is: Bill Nispel

Updated in memoriam: Bill Nispel passed away on April 18th, 2018.  The club officers, directors and body offer our condolences to Mary Jo and family.

Original post: Please join the club officers and directors in congratulating Bill Nispel for being voted our sportsman of the year for 2018. As every member knows Bill puts in plenty of time week after week for our members. Bill is the ….., and he is always at the club working on something or planning the next event!

2018Bill Nispel
2017Laura Veno
2016Mike Barry
2015Dana Crowe
2014Walter Bristol
2013Patty Blute
2012Gerry Keefe
2011Steve Stella
2010Donna Furlong
2009George Rost
2008Donna Haas
2007Bill Sickles
2006Jeff Blute
2005Carol Burke
2004Peter Sarantos
2003Paul Ringwood
2002James M. Chaplin
2001Alan C. Hunter
2000Don Pane
1999Bernadette Gerald
1998Mike Barry
1997John Haas
1996Greg Stein
1995Gary Littlefield
1994Cheryle Laffey
1993O.G. Elliott
1992Bill Martino
1991Gene Moore
1990Paul LeBlanc
1989Phyllis Clauson
1988Jim Normandin
1987George Rost
1986Fred Pohl
1985John Kuntz


John Kuntz - 1985Fred Pohl - 1986George Rost - 1987Jim Normandin - 1988
Phyllis Clauson - 1989Paul LeBlanc - 1990Gene Moore - 1991Bill Martino - 1992
O.G. Elliott - 1993Cheryle Laffey - 1994Gary Littlefield - 1995Greg Stein - 1996
John Haas - 1997Mike Barry - 1998Bernadette Gerald - 1999Don Pane - 2000
Alan C. Hunter - 2001James M. Chaplin - 2002Paul Ringwood - 2003Peter Sarantos - 2004
Carol Burke - 2005Jeff Blute - 2006Bill Sickles - 2007Donna Haas - 2008
George Rost - 2009Donna Furlong - 2010Steve Stella - 2011Dana Crowe - 2015
Mike Barry - 2016Laura Veno - 2017Bill Nispel - 2018