High Bore Range

The outdoor rifle range at The Tewksbury Rod & Gun Club is a 100 yard range. This range can only be used in the presence of an Outdoor Range Officer. This range is open to all rifles, with the exceptions being machine guns and submachine guns. No full auto, or “hell fire” triggers, are allowed. There are target holders at 50, 75, and 100 yards. No targets are allowed closer than 50 yards. Handguns may be used on this range provided that target holders are no closer than 50 yards, or permission from the range officer is obtained to move the firing line closer to the 100 yard berm.

Paper targets are preferred, however other targets such as metal cans, or clays maybe used provided they are placed low on the 100 yard berm, and the shooter cleans up after themselves. All targets must be approved by the range officer. GLASS BOTTLES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

If you are looking to use the range on day that isn’t listed below, please use this link to request an RO.

Authorized High Bore RO’s Only Page

High Bore Range Officer Schedule

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