Standing Rules

Standing Rules:

January 2008


(A) A Standing Rule may be enacted, changed or abolished by a two-thirds majority vote at a regular Business Meeting of The Tewksbury Rod & Gun Club, and shall not require prior notice to the membership.

(B) A Standing Rule shall be invalid if it conflicts with or is intended to circumvent any BY-LAW.

(C) A dated copy of the Standing Rules shall be posted at all times shall be posted on the Club Bulletin Board. A dated revision shall be posted promptly when changes are made to the Standing Rules.

(D) The Board of Directors and their appointees shall enforce all Standing Rules.


(1) Voted that only members in good standings may represent the Club in any competitive event. All team rosters and match schedules should be posted on the Club Bulletin Board.

(2) Voted that all new members be properly indoctrinated on the use of the indoor range, thermostat, and lights before keys are issued. Copies of the existing RANGE RULES to be provided to each new member.

(3) Voted that the Board of Directors establish and post RANGE RULES and STANDING RULES.

(4) Voted that no Alcohol may be brought onto the Club property without the permission of the Board of Directors.

(5) Voted that the Club will not be rented for any High School graduation party or any other under age 21 functions unless the hall renter AGREES to and supplies at least 3-4 Adults persons to supervise the entire premises of the Club. This includes but is not limited to hall, deck and parking lots.

(6) Voted that the Club maintain membership in the Nation Rifle Association (NRA) and Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).

(7) Voted that any member requesting use of the Club facilities be required to pay $100.00.

(8) Voted to have an attendance prize of cash at each regular business meeting, to be awarded at each business meeting to a member if present. Value to be announced prior to drawing, increasing by $10.00 per business meeting until won.

(9) Voted that all purchases made for the club be validated by invoice or receipt turned in to the treasurer.

(10) Voted that ALL firearms will be cased or holstered during meetings or when present in the upstairs function hall.

(11) Voted that infractions of any RANGE RULES, STANDING RULES, or BYLAWS may lead to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

(12) Voted that no person may use ANY range during or after consuming alcohol, including “non-alcoholic beer”.

(13) Voted that the Pledge of Allegiance is said before all regular meetings.

(14) Voted that the second Tuesday of every month be for work parties and committee meetings.

(15) Voted that there be no endorsements of any political candidate by the Club.

(16) Voted that the prospective new members must attend one regular meeting and a Board of Directors meeting, Any prospective new member, who by profession or work shift, cannot feasibly attend a regular meeting, may be indoctrinated into the Club by a special panel of three members of the Board Of Directors, at the convenience of both parties. ALL paperwork will be processed by the membership secretary.

(17) Tuesdays are set aside for indoor Archery. Hours are the same as for indoor firearms. If a shooter is on the range and an Archer wishes to use it; the shooter must vacate the range within ten (10) minutes.