Ham Shoot

On Saturday, December 5th, we’ll be hosting our annual Ham Shoot from 9am to about 2pm. The ham raffle will held before the Adios.

This is a great time for all, if you would like to try shooting trap, this is a great no pressure fun event. The fee is $5 per round, each round is a total of 15 targets.  3 shots per station, 5 stations.  Ammo is NOT supplied.

The Rules
1.) Every entry gets one ticket in turkey raffle.
2.) Yellow targets hit earn an extra ticket in turkey raffle.
3.) targets per station (15 targets total per round).
4.) “Backup” format – two shooters mount guns, the first shooter calls for the target and if they miss the target, the “backup” shooter can shoot at the
target. If the second shooter fires, that is his/her shot for the round regardless of whether or not the target is hit.
5.) Shooting out of turn is a lost target regardless of the actual target result.