Archery Chairperson Wanted

The Board of Directors is currently seeking to fill our vacant archery chairperson position.  In years past, the club has had a vibrant archery program with youth programs and hosting competitions. The club still has approximately 6 new archery butts, a raised platform, approximately 10 good 3D targets including 6 deer, a bear, 2 boars and a turkey.  There are approximately 200 arrows as well as about 25 bows in both adult and youth sizes.  These are both compound and recurve bows.  There are also an array of paper targets and learning materials left over from past programs and competitions.
All we need is someone to be willing to take the reins!  Our archery field is one of our most underutilized club resources and it would be great to see archery thrive again at the club.  If you are interested in helping your club with revitalizing this untapped potential please contact Jeff Blute ( or Rich Sorrentino (

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