Trap Field Clean up

We would like to schedule a work party for July 21st starting at 9:00 am to handle the last few items at the trap field:
1. Second coat of paint on house roof
2. Back fill the traphouse
3. Landscape in front of the traphouse to remove the hills
4. Cut back some brush
5. Rake up wads and bring to dumpster
6. Test pH
7. Spread lime
8. Plant grass
9. Mow the field
10. Weed wack
11. Mount the receiver bracket
12. Move switch to the outside
15. Wash canopy
16. Bring down more targets from the garage.
The club has rakes, shovels, a wheelbarrow and 1.5 bags of lime.
We’ll need some people to a string trimmer or two.  Be sure to bring gloves as well.
If you are available on Sunday July 21st, please sign up below:
Thank you,
Board of Directors

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