Trap Clean up Day

TEST, TEST, TEST Sample quick post in WordPress. A big thank you out to Mark Duquette, Stephen Duquette, Mark Robinson, Kevin Robinson, Danna Lawson, Michael Lawson, Jeff Lawson, Gio Leone, John Ings, Daniel Ings, David Ings, Michael Ings, Liz Tanner,Todd Barry, Robert Burke, Mike Hebert (BOD), Wally Bristol (BOD), Rich Sorrentino (VP), and Jeff Blute (Pres) who all came out on Sunday to make short work of a large job. Because of everyone’s team work and non-stop efforts, the trap field was cleaned of brush and lime was spread through the field.

One thought on “Trap Clean up Day

  1. mhebert1970 Reply

    Thank you to everyone involved for all your help!

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